Friday, April 15, 2011

Lili and kitty for Freedom

    Freedom 1. A collaboration with Courtney Sanders.

Courtney ( alwayssometimesanytime )came to me sharing her current obsession with 
Jonathan Franzen's latest novel, 'Freedom' Essentially it is a story based around 3 generations within one nuclear family,set in the social-politial landscape of America. Our take on this was Franzen's attitude to contemporary Freedom and what it means to move beyond the confines of this modern technological world we live in. It is an amazing idea and i am very excited to be part of it.

Our Freedom story is part 1 of a series of 6.It is not only an exploration of 'freedom' but also an exploration and portrait of the varied New Zealand landscape and how we respond to it.  This project has also touched me on a personal level and has become autobiographic.  While shooting I find myself tapping into a very free self and  just begin to feel quite unleashed. It’s a very exciting process. Our models kitty and Lili ( have encapulated this sprit beautifully.

Stylist : Courtney Sanders + Annabel Cousins
make up: Phoebe Leonard

Freedom for Alwayssometimesanytime. styled by Courtney Sanders and Annabel Cousins

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Youth and freedom

It didn't take much to arouse our enthusiasm when asked to shoot a story for brand new, New York based magazine, Youth and Freedom.  Really excited to be part of it and wanted to share our sun, waterfalls and bush with the world. Thanks to our gorgeous Alex Long who revelled in it .(
 Styled by Imogen Wilson / make up Phoebe Leonard

Imogen Watt

. styling Annabel Cousins , make up Melina Strachan